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Happy New Year

I don't know about you, but I'm really glad 2023 is over.

It wasn't a bad year - but it was a weird year.

So much happened to me - and I did so. much. I benefitted from things I'd already learned - and I learned so many new things.

I left a community but was able to keep my community - and that meant a lot. Growing up in the military this is something I've struggled to do. Leaving always meant truly being gone. Then I was able to find and join a new community and I am so grateful to be getting to know so many amazing people.

I know every year brings change, loss, joy, new, sorrow, adventure ... but somehow 2023 seemed to do it a little more aggressively than most.

But here we are in 2024! I have a lot of excitement going into this year. I'm not even sure I could fully articulate why, but I'm expecting good things. I've spent the last year doing a lot of introspection, imagining what I want life to me and what it can be, and I'm hitting the ground running. It's amazing how dramatically things can change.

I hope you are also excited. I hope this year brings you good, joy, love and abundance of all good things. And if we work together we can make that more possible for ourselves and others. That seems like a good thing to invest energy in if you ask me.

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