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How is it First Friday again?

Seriously - where did the month go?

I know I did a lot of things - and I didn't even find time to touch a lot of other things.

I was only able to do a few markets in August because it was hot - so intensely hot! I can't remember if I mentioned that I thought I might actually be done for while setting up for First Friday in August. My husband went to get me a vegan shake and returned to find me shaking, dizzy, and intensely nauseous. I determined to not sign up for anything that would be over 100 degrees for the entire time. I didn't do many events -- but it looks like we're in for cooler weather tomorrow! And by the end of this month things should be much cooler - at least at night. Or in the morning. I've been enjoying the Saturday morning events out on Roosevelt. And then October will mean a lot of other markets are opening up - there are a few I'm looking forward to checking out.

But it's First Friday! This time I will be in a space on Garfield between 4th and 5th Street. If you can make it down there, you know I'd love to see you!

What I've been working on this last week is some beaded embroidery. It's definitely more challenging than regular embroidery, but I think it's worth it. There's something spectacular about figuring out how to create textures and movement with beads.

The first piece I finished is "I can buy myself flowers." The Miley Cyrus song has been on repeat in my head for some time now. Other ear worms have wiggled in here and there but then I'm back to humming this one. Even in a wonderful relationship, I think this reminder is so powerful. And I think the idea resonates powerfully in any 'relationship' - work, friends, whatever. Always remember that you can take care of yourself - be your best friend, love everything about you -- and if there's something you don't love, make a plan to do something about it. You're awesome. You're powerful. You've got this

And then there are days that you can't do anything about -- you love yourself, you're determined to do what you've got to do - but that day is ... Well, I think this says it all ...

Is it sunrise? Is it sunset? You get to decide! Do you have a day ahead of you that you're dreading? Or did you survive a day that was really working overtime to take you down? The sentiment can work for either.

I had hoped to have some non-beaded pieces done before the event, but I'm not sure I will have time. This one took way longer than I anticipated ...but zoom in on that ocean foam at the bottom! I loved figuring that out.

Most of the day is going to be spent making sure I pull everything I need, and making sure it all has price tags. I love that I get to do things I love so much - both the creating and the vending. I have so many things I need to learn about using this site to its full potential, and maybe 1,000 other things, but it's so worth it!

And I hope I see you at First Friday! I'm looking forward to experiencing it with much less sweat and I hope there won't be a need to dump cold water on my head. Yes - that will not be missed.

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