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It's time for weekend markets!

Took some time to navigate some family things (nothing bad, just stuff that happened) and then I start to feel overwhelmed by how behind I feel - so instead of beating myself up I'm just jumping back in :). Just in time for the weekend markets!

I love that this time of year is better weather and more/longer markets. It's also time for the holiday fun and I will be posting some awesome stuff over the next few days as I get it finished, photographed, and ready to go.

If you see something on the site that you'd like me to bring or hold for you to pick up at a market, please let me know. If you see something at the market, but not on the site, please reach out because I probably just haven't gotten it up on the site. Sometimes I also get things done in time for the market and don't add them to the site right away. I's a lot of work to add things to the site that might sell right away. Work I'm happy to do, but if it's finished Friday at 1pm it's going to have to wait until after the weekend lol.

4 show weekends are a lot - it's a good thing I love what I do!

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