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Pivot Pivot PIVOT!

There is just so much I've had to learn about all of this - and some days I am overwhelmed by the amount of information I'm processing ... and really frazzled by the amount of information I just don't know. But I'm learning.

You may have noticed the new design for the website -- and the updated merchandise. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how things are looking.

I've learned a few things about doing the markets:

  1. I really do best with a corner booth: it allows me to organize everything in a way that isn't as overwhelming to the senses. By having everything be one of a kind it gets challenging to arrange it in manageable pieces. Essentially, I have two major categories of merchandise. 1) the fully artist created items like the bookmarks, the journals, the barrettes, and let's not forget the clocks! and 2) the jewelry. I don't feel like I can leave either at home because some days I mostly sell one and the next day I mostly sell the other. Don't tell anyone but I'm adding a category 3) more fiber creations like crocheted washcloths and aprons--I'll be trying them out at a farmer's market. I'm also ready to start doing some of the glass drink ware with the bamboo tops, and custom mugs.

  2. I do better at day markets. I do just fine at evening & night markets, but I think my creations are easier to see and really appreciate with the sunlight. This doesn't really change anything about what I'm doing now but it's good information to know as I make choices about resources going forward.

  3. Not all markets are created equal. There are so many - and there's so much to consider before choosing. Is your target demographic going to be there? Does the cost of the market make it too risky? Some are really expensive and there's no guarantee you will sell anything. At the end of the day, I'm grateful that the market I'm part of is a wonderful community with a core of really great people who are all wanting to be there to support and encourage each other. And it's in one of the two parts of the Valley where I feel most comfortable.

As for the website - I finally gave in and changed from "shipping included" to free shipping on other $25. I really don't like "tricky numbers" where I'm buying something that's super reasonably priced and then a ton of money is added on for shipping and now it's too expensive. But the reality is, building in the shipping to the cost means you have to consider that any one item might be a single item order. That was pricing several things way out of what even I would pay for them. This shift has allowed me to reprice things to the more reasonable prices that I like to charge. One of my core beliefs is that art and beauty shouldn't be kept away from people based on income alone.

As for the new look -- I've been so frustrated that I couldn't seem to find a cohesive look for the site. I wasn't happy with the colors, or the feel. And, as I've said a few times, I'm learning as I go. For some reason, it hit me out of the blue ... and it was this image that made it all click.

There's just something about the feel of this image that is everything I've been striving for, and every time I saw it I would just feel good about what I'm doing and it all felt like it made sense. Somehow that collided in my brain with the challenge of what needed to change with the site and, well, I'm sure that took you less time to put together than it took me lol.

This last week has felt good. I've felt like things were clicking, shifting into place, and once I knew where I wanted things to go, I was able to clearly see the path.

Not gonna lie, the first half of January felt like a final exam for 2023 and I just kept hoping I was passing! We're in the second half, now, and things are feeling good. Solid. Right.

I'm excited to see what this year has in store! I hope your year has started out on a good footing. I'd love to hear what you're doing - especially if you're learning something new and exciting!

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