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So many aprons! And they are Pretty Pretty Bibs.

I'm so grateful for the response I've been getting to the Pretty Pretty Bibs! Everyone looks so amazing in the aprons and several people have shared that they have/will wear them out as part of an outfit. Seeing this is wonderful!

I spent yesterday and today making new aprons - I cannot possibly express how much fun I have mixing and matching patterns and colors. I try to strike a balance between some that are more conservative and simple and some that are bold and powerfully alive with patterns and colors. If everyone who takes one home has half as much wearing it as I have making it they will have so much fun!

Last week I added some flannel designs - I know it's getting hot in Phoenix BUT they are cozy and soft and would be wonderful to wear around the house and snuggle up in to watch tv or read a good book. I want to pick one out for myself to wear when I'm cuddling my grandbabies and reading them books -- I think they will really enjoy how soft they are.

And, of course, they all have pockets!

I'm excited to reveal the new designs this weekend -- There are a few more I hope to make (sidenote - I'm also making ruffs this week so it's been an interesting week lol).

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