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What am I adorning? And why?

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Two years ago, I was given the opportunity to launch an in person retail space at a local arts venue. What started with a cleared space, and an offer of trying to find a couple of tables for me, was grown into a thriving and vibrant space that I realized was providing me with the opportunity to use all of my talents in such a unique way and, while not perfect, was incredibly fulfilling.

A lot of the things sold in the space were original pieces that were made by myself and other artists who were part of the arts venue. I spent a lot of time creating and curating items that were themed to things being performed at the venue. It gave me the opportunity to push my creativity to new heights and I was constantly surprising myself with what I was able to accomplish. I also got a lot of experience doing the administrative side of art and I needed that before I could feel safe launching out on my own like I'm doing here.

I'm sure if you've found your way here you are seeing lots of Ipsum gobbledygook - yes, the site is new. But I've been around a long time and I've been making art for much of that time. The last time I officially sold things online it was all very different and I'm learning a lot. I'm getting the site going, slowly but surely, and I'm looking forward to sharing not just my art, but my process. If you keep checking back you will find new things all the time - items for sale, classes where you can learn how to make things, information on local events where you can see things in person and buy them directly from me, and so much more is in the works.

If you already love all things art, my personal style mostly toggles between Magical and Absurdist Realism. If that means nothing to you, that's okay too. All you need to know is I'm enhancing the appearance of everything I can. I create a lot of Functional Beauty -- things that we all use every day. but decorated and elevated to something special that you look forward to using.

My mission statement is: I create and curate amazing things and bring them together with amazing people.

You will also find jewelry of various kinds, fiber arts, paper arts, and lots of other fun things. I will also have items I've curated from the collections of other artists, and I've got a great contact who was a wholesale rep for lots of clothing and jewelry lines for decades. She allows me to go through her things and find treasures to make available. I will let you know everything I can about each item and where it comes from.

And now I'm going to publish this and get back to getting photos and listing items. Setting up a menu for a new POS is a lot - and it's even more to do it for online sales. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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