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When I am making a beaded necklace, there is a lot of intentional focus put into the selection of beads and pendants.  For example, I will not bead with plastic.  I prefer natural materials - glass, natural stone, clay. As the necklace is assembled, I prefer a random organizing of beads, but a balanced randomness.  When it's needed, I will do a very precise count for balance, I listen to the materials and do what feels right. It's. not uncommon for me to start working, then dismantle and start over.  I get strange looks when I insist that the necklace was "angry" or "sad" or just "wrong."  But when I reassemble and the finished product is seen, the confusion always turns to understanding - not of how I knew it was angry/sad/etc. But total agreement that it was, in fact, that very thing! And when it's finished, it is as it's supposed to be.

Hand - Beaded Necklaces


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