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Adorned by Crystal

An Unparalleled Collection of Functional Beauty That's a Whole Vibe

About the Artist

Your imagination, determination and focus 

have the power to change the course of your life.


My bold, artistic and unorthodox pieces will empower you 

to present your authentic self to the world.


The Adorned by Crystal Mission

Adorned by Crystal is the online home for my fun, bold, and unorthodox creations.


We live in a world of fast fashion and disposable everything but more and more of us are pushing back on that.


Adorned by Crystal is one of the ways I push back. Everything here has been created by me with the goal of providing that unique adornment for yourself and your life, or for the one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone. 



It is my promise to you, that every piece in my shop is:

Created by Anconer Design


Created by Articon from the Noun Project


C r eated by Anconer Design


One of a Kind

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