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  • What inspires your designs?
    Sometimes I just wake up with an idea! With the clocks, I was trying to come up with ideas for a weekend market and one of the themes was time. I am usually inspired by what I enjoy making because it leads to playing around with different fabrics, patterns, and materials.
  • What materials are your jewelry pieces made from?
    We use high-quality materials to create jewelry you'll love to wear! Here's a breakdown of the key components: Metals: We use stainless steel for the base of our pieces, ensuring durability and a hypoallergenic option that's gentle on sensitive skin. Earring Posts/Hooks: Our earrings feature hypoallergenic studs or hooks, making them comfortable for all-day wear. Pendants: The charming pendants are crafted using cabochon glass domes. This technique encases a beautiful image under a smooth, polished glass dome, creating a unique and eye-catching effect.
  • Are the clocks functional?
    Yes, they are battery-operated art! They run on a single AA battery!
  • What sizes do your aprons come in?
    My aprons are a one size fits most. I do not use measurements, but I have created them in a way that they can be worn multiple different ways to fit your comfort. If you would like a to order a custom apron, please reach out and I will take down your measurements and create you something special.
  • What sizes are your quilts/blankets?
    My quilts/blankets vary on the size but the measurements for each quilts/blanket are included in each product listing. Additionally, I can create custom-sized quilts/blankets depending on your needs.
  • How do you I care for the Pashmina/Scarf Wraps and handmade quilts/blankets?
    We want you to enjoy your beautiful Pashmina/Scarf Wraps and handmade quilts/blankets for years to come! Here are some tips for proper care, depending on the materials: Pashmina/Scarf Wraps: Rayon or Rayon Blends: These wraps are best cared for with gentle handwashing in cool water with a mild detergent specifically formulated for delicates. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and lay flat to dry away from direct sunlight. You can iron on a low setting if needed. Handmade Quilts/Blankets: Fleece: Fleece is generally machine washable, but always check the care label for specific instructions. Opt for a gentle cycle with cool water and a mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach. Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. Flannel and Cotton: These fabrics can also be machine-washed on a gentle cycle with cool water and a mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals or bleach. Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. For a softer feel, consider adding tennis balls to the dryer on low heat. General Tips: Store your Pashmina/Scarf Wraps and handmade quilts/blankets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use. This will help prevent fading and preserve the fabric. For stubborn stains, consult a professional dry cleaner. By following these simple tips, you can ensure your Pashmina/Scarf Wraps and handmade quilts/blankets stay looking their best for years to come!
  • What products do you have that are available for customization?
    Make it yours! We offer a variety of customizable options for clocks, aprons, blankets, quilts, journals, tea towels, crocheted bowls (or toddler hats), and mugs.
  • What is your customization process?
    I'm thrilled you're interested in a custom piece! Here's a breakdown of the customization process to get us started: 1. Initial Brainstorming: Tell me about your vision! Do you have a specific idea in mind for your custom piece? Perhaps it's a color scheme that matches your decor, a theme you adore, or a special occasion you're celebrating. Feel free to share any reference photos, inspirational images, or even describe your desired mood or feeling. Personality Match: I love incorporating personal touches into my work. Let me know a little about yourself, your interests, or the recipient of the piece (if it's a gift). This helps me tailor the design to reflect your unique personality. 2. Collaborative Design: My Creative Input: While I love incorporating your ideas, it's important to maintain my artistic style. I'll use your inspiration and preferences to create a design proposal that showcases my artistic vision while fulfilling your desires. Your Feedback: Once I have a draft design, I'll share it with you for your feedback. We can discuss any revisions or adjustments needed to ensure you absolutely love the final piece. 3. The Final Masterpiece: Once we finalize the design, I'll get to work on creating your one-of-a-kind piece! You'll receive updates along the way, and when it's complete, I'll ensure it's carefully packaged and shipped directly to you. Please note: While I encourage your input and want to create something you'll cherish, I do retain a degree of creative liberty to ensure the final piece reflects my unique artistic style and is something I'm proud to create. I believe this collaborative process creates a truly personalized experience and results in a piece that you'll treasure for years to come! Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about the process.
  • I am not finding the product that I want on your site. Is it still available?
    Possibly! If you saw something in-person at a market or previously on the site, but you do not see it currently on the website, please reach out to me and I can let you know if that product is still available or how we can go about creating a custom product that you'll love.
  • What is your refund policy?
    This shop does not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. All sales are final.  Should you have an issue with your order, please contact us at with your concerns so that we can discuss the best course of action. Please be sure to read the item listings carefully so that you are fully aware of what you are purchasing. Overall, we are a small but mighty team striving to achieve satisfaction with every order. We take pride in offering great customer service as well as quick delivery and good quality items. Should you have any questions not outlined in our policy with regards to your order, please contact us at
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, I would love to ship you your product internationally. However, I will need you to reach out to me prior to placing your order so we can discuss shipping details.
  • When will my order be shipped?
    Most orders are shipped within 3-7 business days and special orders take 2 to 3 weeks. All orders are shipped via USPS First Class, UPS, or FedEx depending on which company will send it to you the quickest and is most reliable for the product you ordered. Generally, most customers receive their package in less than a week. I will include a tracking number with each order.
  • Where is my package being shipped from?
    Your package is being shipped from my art studio in sunny Arizona.
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