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Here we are at Friday again

And I assure you I have not been MIA - I am working my little elf fingers to the bone to be ready for holiday sales. And working even harder at learning all of the things about online e-commerce AND vending! I was working really hard to do 'now' and always felt behind, so now I'm working to get through now and plan for January 1 on.

So without further ado...This entire weekend I will be out at the Roosevelt Row market. This will be our last Night Weekend Market - we will obviously be out at night for First Fridays, but this weekend is:

Friday (tonight): 5-10

Saturday: 10am - 10pm

Sunday: 10am - 4pm

I have a lot of holiday specials going and would love to see you there. I also got these amazing stickers in to add to the collection of stickers I have been designing

We also have good trucks and live music. Last weekend someone asked me what it was so I told them there's First Fridays and then we're the ones who keep coming back 😎

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